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LFGM may be a little NSFW when compared to New York Mets slogans of the past. In case you G2G and don’t have the time to figure out what it stands for on your own, the TL;DR version of it is simple.

Not long ago, a new hashtag entered the Mets social media vocabulary. Instead of the simple LGM which is officially the slogan of the team, an F appeared in the middle.

LGM, which stands for Let’s Go Mets, has been a staple of the franchise long before the internet began to dominate our lives. The new version, LFGM, is the same with one more word added to the mix. If you have to ask what the word is, you probably should never know. Perhaps a parent or guardian can assist.

For years, the slogan “Ya Gotta Believe” has been the best arguably one of the best in sports. Credited to Tug McGraw in 1973, it was a rallying cry for a franchise familiar with overcoming odds. Only several seasons earlier, the 1969 Mets defied odds and won the World Series to complete an otherwise bleak first decade for the organization.

Nearly 50 years later, there’s a new phrase. Instead of three words, it’s a much simpler four-letter abbreviation.

LFGM fits in perfectly with 2020. It’s quick, to the point, and can make a few people blush. It’s edgy enough without pushing any boundaries.

Is it offensive? Sure, if you think Looney Tunes causes violent crimes and PG-13 movies are a no-no for 12-year-olds then I don’t blame you for being outraged by this modern catchphrase. The less offended of us should hop aboard the LFGM train and enjoy this slightly brash take on a simple team slogan.


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